Tuesday, October 15, 2013

♥ {blog circle: comfort} ♥

I am so excited to join my fellow confidence teachers in this month's blog circle about comfort.  

Comfort is a seven letter word with many meanings that resonate so differently on how it fits into your life, at that particular time of your life.  It's a noun, it's a verb. It comes in many forms and used in varies ways.  When you think of comfort, what picture is drawn on your blank canvas?  Which of these can you relate to from your own life experiences?
A newborn baby does not understand nor comprehend what the word means but yet takes comfort with their mommy, daddy or whomever is their care giver.  They find solace being wrapped in the warmth of their arms with the soft gentle touch of their hands.  The whimpering quivery cries of the newborn’s sound easily shushed by the whisper of the familiar soothing voice.  

six week old Aubrey loves being snuggled up to her mommy and being protected in her daddy's arms...

Or maybe comfort means just being with that person that makes your heart happy or go pitter-patter.  The person you can be yourself with no matter what state of mind, heart or emotion you are in.  It could be a sibling, a best friend, a loved one, the one you are about to spend the rest of your life with or the one you've spent most of your life with.  Someone whose shoulders you have cried on or laughed so hard with. Shared stories together, secrets told or gone through some of life's most difficult lessons or journeys with.  Comfort in being able to just be you.

laughter and simple joy of sibling love...
the engagement story of a fun filled day...

cancer doesn't stop laughter and love of 40+ years of  marriage...

Comfort being related to a season? With the fall months upon us, I know many of us love the comfort that the cooler weather brings.  The thought of those comfy cozy sweaters hidden in the back of the closet sneaking its way to the front, maybe that big ol' thick warm blanket that has been begging to fluff up on top of the bed or is it all about that comfort food...you know, the crockpot.  I absolutely love my crockpot which is used in my home year round but there is just something comforting about fall and homemade soup in the crockpot that has been simmering all day long.  The smell of the wonderful aroma as it fills up  your house.  Last week I adventured into making homemade french onion soup.  Can you see it?  Can you smell it?  Bet you might even be able to taste it! My boys loved it and it was...YUM-O! Comfort food!

the beginning stages of the aroma filling up my house...

Through different stages of my life, comfort has hung in many places.  A place of healing, grieving, laughter, warmth, peace.  But my two favorite comforts I do have to share that never seem to go away... {I know, you are probably thinking my two boys in my life...yes, true, but...} here they are!

you can never have too many flipflops, but collections if for another blog post...

FLIP FLOPS! It doesn't matter if it's winter, spring, summer or fall, most of the time you will catch me as much as I can get away with it in these...{thank goodness for Texas weather}. My feet are so happy in them. Free and not constrained, easy on and easy off, warm weather or the cool breeze brushing on them. Pure comfort.  My other never ending comfort...

thanks to my amazing photographer friend Laura Swift for this picture from our Confidence Teachers Refresh retreat...

I absolutely love being in my fuzzy warm socks and flannel bottoms! This is just plain and simple comfort right here. {yes for those of you wondering, Texas does get cool enough to include these in my wardrobe}. Even my toes that like to hang out happy bare look forward to it. Amazing the comfort and relaxing feeling this brings me especially after a chaos of a day.  Can any of you relate to this?

I asked my boys what picture would describe comfort to them.  My husband said a big fat fluffy chair.  My son said a picture of someone comforting a person who is sad.  So there you have it, comfort is a seven letter word with many meanings that resonate so differently on how it fits into your life, at that particular time of your life.  How does it fit into your life today, right now?

My friend Laura Swift, an amazing photographer and our Confidence Teacher in Virgina has her own thoughts about comfort here. {Laura's blog} Read her story and then follow her blog to be inspired by more of our Confidence Teachers as our blog circle continues. 

how does comfort fit into your life?  

{much} hugs,


  1. Summie, save me some of that soup... it sounds amazing! ;) I love me some flip-flops too, but you get to wear them a couple more months a year than I can. ha! Such beautiful descriptions of comfort, and love the perspective from your boys. xo!

    1. thanks Cathy! Come on down and we can flip flop around together and have some yummy soup :)

  2. Oh Summie - this was soooo BEAUTIFUL!! I don't say that just because my daughter happens to be in one of your pics but you really captured comfort. Oustanding job my friend and so so proud of you. Keep capturing all those smile and moments out there. <3

    1. Thanks Mindy! I absolutely loved capturing them that day! :)

  3. The photo of the grandparents, as an example of how you capture Comfort, makes me cry. And I LOVE that you asked your family how they would capture it. So wonderful Summie!!

    1. Thank you Me Ra! My boys are my life so wanted to include them :)

  4. Summie! I love this so much! The "kiss" photo gave me chills! The crockpot photo made my stomach growl! and the last photo... made me want some new, fuzzy socks! Way to draw me in lady! Love!

  5. I love this! My crockpot is my favorite thing in my kitchen, and I found myself nodding my head in agreement on the flip flops AND socks! We must be sisters! ;) Loved it all! ~Janna


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