Thursday, November 1, 2012

♥ When the unknown {dream} becomes reality...♥

"Each new day brings new opportunities for us to soar as high as we can go and as far as we can see..."

Have you ever looked back over the past week, month, year or even years and thought about the “what if's”?  Have you ever looked at your life now and realized how much you are blessed with a reality that was never really a {dream} to begin with? That is me! The past two years, I have been blessed to see a {passion} embedded deep in my heart turn into something I never even dreamed about.  Photography has been a part of life since before high school but my discovery a little over two years ago has taken it to a whole new level.   

The past several months, that {passion} has been budding into something so much more, more than I could have ever imaged it to be!  A story in itself, where do I begin...where do I do I share about this wonderful story that is filled with so much excitement and awesome opportunities?  

Summer of 2010, a facebook status I posted unexpectedly led me to a spot at a Me Ra Koh workshop thanks to an {incredible} person in my life.  If you do not know who Me Ra is, click here for her {amazing} story of when photography found her, click here to see this {awesome} interview with clickinmom and click here to see where this photography {journey} has taken her!

my sister-in-law lindsay, me ra and i at the confidence workshop. photographed by an attendee, edited by summie roach

Little did I know that this workshop that I was so {blessed} to be at was not going to be just about photography. It helped me to realize "my why" and "my story behind the lens".

photographed by joy neville-edited by summie roach

Now let's fast forward 2 years later, to now.  WOW! Who would have known that a {simple} facebook post expressing my thoughts would later lead me to this, an opportunity to share with 13 other women across the country to be a Certified Confidence Teacher! Yep, there are 14 of us who will be teaching a Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop! Check out our store here to see {who} we are and {where} you can go to one of these workshops. Here we all are below {including Me Ra and Brian}

photographed by stephen robertson

I am so {excited} to use the talents and gifts that God has {blessed} me with to help woman and moms, empowering them to grow their confidence with their camera to capture the lives of their loved ones and to inspire them to find their “why” and their “story”.  Read about “my story” here and to reserve your spot at the San Antonio workshop! 

photographed by quentin pennington

{Big} Hugs,