Saturday, April 14, 2012

Honoring a mom for Mother's Day with a FREE Photo Session!

When someone mentions the word "mom", the first thing that may come to mind is someone who has a child.  But moms have so many other meaning and definition behind them, yet too often we don't always recognize the unseen things that moms do, go through, face, juggle, give up, pack in, adjust and readjust, suffer, sacrifice, set aside, and so much more.  Instead we figure they will always be there to kiss that boo-boo, to drive to and from, to bring what was forgotten, to call when needing money, to call because of something that seems urgent at the time, you name it.  If we were to really look at how much was asked of them versus how much was appreciated of them, I think its safe to say that one out-weighs the other, unfortunately.

And then there are those "moms", yes, we all know at least one of them, that continue to give and give and never complain about it!  They will go many sleepless nights to care for someone (even if it's not their own), they will give up their coffee to run out the door when the phone rings, and if they have a child that does any type of extra curricular activity, well, clear their calendar until the season is over but again, they will do it without making that child feel guilty about it!

But we all "moms", whether we are those described above or not need to be honored for being a "mom".

I would love to honor every mom if I could, but since I can't, I would be blessed to honor one mom this year with a FREE photo session, capturing her beauty that God has created.  We "moms" should be made important, loved, filled with laughter and joy and the kids deserve to have that spirit of their moms captured in something they can forever look at and remember all that they were blessed with.

So how do I choose which mom?  I don't!  :)  If you know a mom that you would like to have this opportunity, please email with their story.  The stories will be shared on my facebook page and YOU all get to vote! 

Entries will be opened for ONE week and then the voting will be for ONE week!

Entry Opens: April 14th
Entry Closes: April 21th
Entries posted on Facebook for voting: April 23rd
Voting ends: April 30th
Winner Announce on my blog and facebook page: May 2nd

This honoring is open to anyone who is a "mom" and must be able to come to San Antonio for their photo session.  Photo session will take place in May.

On a personal note, thank you mom for always sacrificing you so we can have, even though you were not always appreciated for what you did that and many times we never saw all the things you actually were doing. (I know my mom who is not a computer user will never see this but she needed to be mention in this post!) 

Let the entries begin! Feel free to share this post!

I had a wonderful photo session with my mom during her visit!  Capturing her true laughter and spirit!
Summie :)